2019 NLDS Pregame 3- Trouble Lurking in the Shadows

Now that the Nationals have (wisely) opted to push Max Scherzer back to Game 4, that makes Game 3 all the more critical for the Dodgers to win.  It’s not quite a proverbial “must win”, but let’s put it this way- if the Dodgers do not win a game featuring Aníbal Sánchez, the least menacing starter for Washington, they will likely be at a disadvantage for the next two games.  With The Gruesome Twosome (aka Scherzer and Stephen Strasburg) starting for the Nationals over the next games- assuming there is a Game 5- the Dodgers will likely find themselves in a hole at some point during those games.  It’ll be up to the offense to get their pitch count(s) up, get the Nats’ awful bullpen in the game, and hope to take it from there.  If either DC starting pitcher is still around for the seventh inning, it would be almost shocking if they weren’t pitching with a lead.

As for Game 3, it would be nice if Cody Bellinger and/or Corey Seager didn’t leave all the heavy lifting to Justin Turner and the rest of the lineup.  There’s a saying that you can’t predict baseball, but with this team making it to postseason after postseason, that saying is being tested to its limit.