LA vs DC Rematch (sans Harper)


Juan Soto after his dramatic hit, completely indifferent to his baserunning error

Well, the 2019 MLB postseason started off with a much needed bang.  After a relatively noncompetitive season, with no memorable races and too many home runs, the Nationals and Brewers played one of the most exciting, drama-filled postseason games we’ve seen in some time.  Regardless of who was going to win, the Dodgers were going to rematch with somebody– that’s what happens when a team makes the postseason an astonishing seven years in a row- but the Nationals are a particularly interesting case.  Given that Steven Strasburg- who was great- and Max Scherzer- who wasn’t- have already been used, the Dodgers have a great opportunity to take a 1-0 lead, particularly since the game is at Dodger Stadium.  The Nationals bullpen is atrocious, and although spoiled Dodger fans have booed Kenley Jansen for much of the season, his subpar performance would probably be above average for the Nats’ hapless bullpen.  Both teams have great starting pitching and terrific offenses, so the Dodgers’ advantage will likely be in the later innings.

There’s really not much more to say about this series, and since I’m not getting paid for this, I won’t even try.  For a recap of the last time these two teams met up, click here.  Until next recap- whenever that may be- enjoy the game(s)!

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