This has been on my mind for a few days now, but I wanted to at least wait until after the donation collections at Dodger Stadium has concluded. With that in mind, please, if you are planning on donating to Bryan Stow and his family, please do. This is most important, and I do not want anything I say to detract from that. Donations can still be made by going to or by sending money by Paypal to

Now, on to business. Lots of profanity below, no structure and no proof reading. Straight from the heart. Stop reading now if you wish.

We all know that a Giants fan was beaten severely by a couple of complete jackasses in the parking lot of Dodger Stadium shortly after the opening day game. Not much more needs to be said about this unspeakable incident or the type of people that would do such a senseless thing. It’s like baseball, at least in Los Angeles, has turned into a matter of not wearing the other gang’s colors. No friendly rivalry any longer. Doesn’t matter what team you are a fan of. This is embarrassing, but it is also sadly becoming reality. I have the comfort in knowing that when I go to a Dodgers game, at least I am wearing the right colors. But what is sad is that I have had to try to talk somebody close to me out of wearing an Angels shirt last year, unsure of their safety when the Dodgers were playing the Angels. Not only is that sad, but it is pathetic and embarrassing.

The culture that has overtaken the place that is fondly called Blue Heaven on Earth has taken the family atmosphere out of the games. This spreads further than just if you are sporting the colors of another team. When I have kids, they will be Dodger fans, but until something drastically changes, they will not have what was once the joy of going to a baseball game at Dodger Stadium. The atmosphere is just not suited for kids or the faint of heart. All the great memories I have of going to a game when I was a kid, those cannot be replicated today. Sad.

I had never in my life thought that I would actually be embarrassed to be a Dodger fan. And that has very little to do with the random act of violence two people committed. As unfortunate as that was and is, it is not a surprise at all. I could have almost predicted it from my experience with past games, and even my detailed experience I wrote about from opening day last year. The fact that good people and good baseball fans like myself are lumped in with the likes of people who lack conscience and common decency is sad. But that is now me as a Dodger fan. We are not all like that, not very many of us are. Our good names are tarnished.

Like I said, this is no surprise though. A couple of blocks away from Dodger Stadium is a park. On opening day, you will find this park packed with people. Umbrellas and tents set up, everybody drinking out of plastic cups. I spoke to a friend that was at the park and asked him about it. The impression that I got was that there were plenty of police present, but they were not actively stopping people from drinking alcohol unless they became a nuisance. Hundreds of people drinking, and the police are there to just be present I guess? On a 90 degree day, drinking in the heat for hours before the game even starts and we are surprised by what happened? Shit, I am surprised it was only two people that took it this far.

I did personally see police and security in the parking lot at Dodger Stadium before the game forcing many people to pour our their drinks. That’s nice, but obviously it just was not enough. Blocks away, the larger crowd was basically being encouraged go drink their asses off so long as they did not become a nuisance. Good one, LAPD.

Anyways, enough of that. Let’s just jump right to the heart of the matter that is boiling within me. I’d like to just extend one big, public FUCK YOU to Frank McCourt. I don’t have a boss or an editor. I run no ads here. I post infrequently. I don’t care what anybody thinks, because this is how I feel. FUCK YOU. I have bit my tongue frequently when it comes to Frank, but most of all to blame for this situation is you, Frank. It was nice that you opened up the gates of Dodger Stadium to accept donations for Bryan Stow today, but I’d be remiss if I did not say that I am surprised you did not take a cut, or charge for entry.

It broke my heart to see Tommy Lasorda on the news, crying about this today after he reportedly donated $5,000 of his own money. Since you, Frank, are the top of the food chain, where the fuck were you? You did not even show up. You did not donate a penny. I would guess that just about any other owner of any other team would have matched the donations of the public. We are paying for your fuck ups and your mistakes. YOU fired security. YOU did not see this coming. I did. A lot of other Dodger fans did. This was no random act. They had attacked four other people. If you had the foresight to see this coming, there would have been security all over the damn parking lot. By the time the second or third people were assaulted, somebody should have been on this. It is absolutely fucking unspeakable that it came to what it did. You are not responsible for the actions of others, granted, but you are responsible for the security of your customers (that is basically what we are, right) on your property, when there is a foreseeable risk.

So we have the greatest Dodger representation of all time crying. I painstakingly try to find anything with your name on it, even a statement. I found it. It’s your spokesperson publicly responding to the fact that you are being sued for an unrelated incident. Today Frank? Today? Man, lose the ego for a minute and realize that there is something bigger going on today that yourself. Something that happened as a result of your cheapness, the fact that you are shrewd, broke and have no business owning a part of the culture of Los Angeles. One of the most storied franchises in baseball is now a national embarrassment because of YOU.

You have never made me feel like you put the team ahead of yourself. You are transparent when it is convenient, and today was no exception. It pissed me off more than anything a couple years ago when the Dodgers clinched a spot in the playoffs seeing you celebrating with champagne in the locker room. No transparency then. Today, no fucking where to be seen.

I am not a religious person, but I may start to pray every night that MLB continues to deny your loan with Fox. It has come to that. If there is a higher being, how could he possibly allow you to continue fucking over each and every fan of this great team? How could he allow you to put the public at risk any longer when all we want to do is enjoy a day at the park.

Let’s consider the 5 or so games that I am probably not going to go to now this year. You are losing a bit of money on me. $95 for a ticket in the loge VIP section, two seats, 5 games. That is $950. Add in $15 in parking for those 5 games and now you are losing out on a total of $1,025. That money you are losing on me this year could have hired 102 security guards at $10/hour. Just for that one hour after the game, having the presence of 102 uniformed people throughout the parking lot? Things could have been a lot different.

The violence is no surprise at all. Ask anybody who has been to a game the last few years. Ask them how the environment has been spiraling down. It’s bullshit, and you have to know this. More should have been done. No surprise at all that it happened, and no surprise nothing was done. It’s cheaper that way to roll the dice on the safety of all.

It’s great you finally reacted and hired William Bratten and the LAPD is going to be more involved. It’s too late. Way too late.

Bryan Stow’s health and the fact his kids may not have a normal relationship with their father rests on your fucking conscience.

So in conclusion, just in case this has been lost in translation somehow, fuck you Frank McCourt. Fuck you for allowing a fan to be beaten within inches of his life. Fuck you for doing nothing to show compassion. Fuck you for justifying. Fuck you for making this life-long Dodger fan and many others not want to even go to a game anymore. Just plain, fuck you.


6 Responses to I am embarrassed to be a Dodgers fan, and I blame Frank McCourt

  1. Epop says:

    Amen bro. I would also like to send the friendly message of "Fuck you you fucking disgrace!" to McCourt.

    • FAYE says:



  2. cHRIS says:


  3. Linda says:

    Wow!!!!! Interesting letter. Thank you for sharing!! The other day my husband just confided that he does Not Feel Safe going to games anymore. Nor does his son or his wife. They also often take their 3 year old. They All put on their Dodger shirts & go to games.

    Guess what Frank (and soon to be Ex Mrs. Frank) you also just lost all their $$$$$ as well. Got the clue??? Probably Not. Good luck with everything….seems to me that you just started down that slippery road of decent into hell. Pity?? I don't think so.

  4. Linda says:

    I usually do Not subscribe to these kind of posting/chat boards….but WOW!!! Unfortunately, there is Too Much Truth in what Ryan said in his letter about a lot of things. One of them being that my husband and I and his son and his wife and 3 yr. old (who All put on their Dodger Blues to go to games) will No Longer Do So. Why because we Do Not Feel Safe!!

    Can you say Bye Bye Frank (and soon to be Ex Mrs. Frank) to ALL THOSE THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS??? Thank You and Good Night!!

  5. thermalito says:

    Great article and for as much as I hate the Dodgers, the outpouring of support for our own Brian Stow has been great. Id also like to shout out one more FUCK YOU to that miserable piece of shit that committed this vile act who I hope is beaten and raped repeatedly every day for the rest of his dirty life in prison.

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